Trumpet/Brass Care and
Maintenance Test
1. How often should you wash your instrument?
A. Every 6 to 8  weeks    B. Once a year    C. Once every 10 years    D. Never

2. How cold or warm should the water you use be?
A. Cold    B. Hot    C. Luke Warm    D. Warm

3. What type of soap should you use?
A. A mild dishwashing liquid    B. Bath soap    C. Dog soap    D. Car soap

4. How long should you soak your instrument in the tub?
A. 1 day    B. 20 to 30 minutes    C. 3 hours    D. 1 week

5. What type of clean cloths should you use to clean/wash/dry your instrument and its parts?
A. Soft lint free cloths    B. Bath towels    C. Hand towels    D. No cloths

6. What types of brushes should you use to clean inside the instrument and its parts?
A. All of the following    B. Snake brush    C. Mouthpiece brush    D. Valve brush

7. Should you rinse off your instrument and its parts with lukewarm water?
A. Yes    B. No    C. Maybe so    D. Can't decide

8. What type of oil should you use for the valves?
A. Car motor oil    B. Olive oil    C. Valve oil for band instruments (Rotar oil for French Horns)    D. WD 40

9. What type of grease should you use for your tuning slides (and NOT on the trombone main hand slide)?
A. Tuning slide grease    B. Monkey grease    C. WD 40    D. Car grease

10. Should you oil, grease or wet the corks or felts?
A. No    B. Yes    C. Maybe so    D. Can't decide

11. What type of polish or polish cloth should you use on your instrument?
A. Polish or polish cloth made for the type of finish (silver plated, lacquer, etc.) on your band instrument     B. Car polish                             
C. Nail polish        D. Furniture polish

12. How often should you oil valves or grease slides?
A. As needed    B. Never    C. Once a year    D. Once every 10 years

13. Should you have some type of Identification/full name on your instrument?
A. Yes    B. No    C. Maybe so    D. Can't decide

14. If you have any questions about washing, oiling, greasing, polishing, safety tips, what to do or use with                                                
or on your band instrument, which people should you ask?
A. Your band director(s)    B.  Dad/Mom    C. Principals    D. Coaches

15. Should you let others use/play your instrument?
A. Yes    B. No    C. Maybe so    D. Can't decide